0114 TPS One Word Away From Confusion Contest-Win Your NTD200 7-11/Starbucks Prize! 你能找出混淆字嗎? 有機會獲得200元7-11/星巴克咖啡禮券!

Every word is important in a well-written academic paper. Changing just a word or two can turn a clear sentence into a confusing one. Tell us what word you would change in the following puzzling sentence to render it more meaningful. The first best answer will receive a NTD200 7-11/Starbucks Gift Certificate.

題目Contest Sentence:
“The new perfume formula made no scents to the lab assistant, who experimented with several fragrant oils before finding the correct combination.”

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What does that mean? 你真的瞭解這個慣用語嗎?

Imagery buries itself in language and takes on new meaning. The transplanted and transformed word or set of words is called a “figure of speech.” For a figure of speech to be effective, however, a writer must first understand the original meaning of the word or phrase. The following sentence contains a common figure of speech. Its original meaning is explained.

“In stalking the white-tailed deer, the hunter becomes a throwback to an era when only four-legged predators walked the earth.”

A throwback is a return to a precedent. When an entrepreneur moves from assembling his product one at a time to setting up an assembly line to mass produce the product, the advanced process can said to be a throwback to Henry Ford, who introduced mass production. Most animate and inanimate activities are recurring—instincts and scientific principles are timeless—but only when an activity alludes to a precedent set several generations previously is it considered a throwback.
回到過去是指回到先前的狀態。譬如,有位企業家從一次組裝一個產品進步到設立大量生產產品的組裝線時,我們可說這樣的進步過程是「throwback」到Henry Ford的時代,因為他是第一個介紹大量生產概念的人。大部分生命和無生命的活動是反覆發生的-像是永恆不變的天性和科學原理-因此只有提到世代以前的先例時,一項活動才能被稱為「throwback」。

In saying the hunter becomes a throwback, the writer refers to the history of predatory activity. Before there was man, let alone manmade weapons, there were predators stalking their next meal. They did so using the same tactics used by hunters today, such as remaining unmoving for long periods of time and scanning an area, or moving quietly and pausing to listen for sounds of approaching game. Human hunters and leopards are of the same long and lethal lineage.

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Professor Pedantic 教授的考究學問

The professor awaits your query on academic writing, though in all honesty, he doesn’t have a lot of time for you. He is a tenured full professor and working on yet another magnificent academic tome. Even so, he has graciously consented to entertain your question. Submit it and prepare to be edified.

QUESTION: When I research a subject, I find many ancillary facts that seem pertinent. However, usually I leave them out of a paper because they don’t seem pertinent enough. How much material of that nature should I try to incorporate into a paper?

This is an excellent question because it addresses the processes of elimination and inclusion. The line between relevant and irrelevant material is not as bright as it might seem. A sculptor was asked to explain his skill at carving a horse and replied that he simply chiseled away everything that didn’t look like a horse. Just so does a skilled writer include in a paper every researched fact that belongs there and eliminates the rest. What skilled sculptors and academic writers confidently understand is that their “horse” will be wholly of their creation and can look like none before it.

Three kinds of information come to light in researching a paper. Some kinds of information will be totally irrelevant and of no value. Some will be totally relevant and key to giving the paper substance and weight. The third kind of information is relevant, but not directly so. It is this source material that gives writers pause. It perhaps gives credence to an argument, but only indirectly or by inference. It is outdated, yet contains elements of truth and perspective. Toss it or include it? If it helps advance a postulate, include it. The question is, how can it be incorporated?

The answer is to synthesize the material. That is, to connect the more peripheral material to the main body of content and thereby enhance the whole body of work. This is not a padding process. You are not trying to bulk up the paper. Rather, synthesizing outlying material can give a paper context, perspective, and depth. The challenge is to find natural connecting points along which a reader can move smoothly without feeling he is on a tangent. When this is accomplished, a writer has expanded his academic writing skills and produced a paper of enriched content and appeal.

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TPS 年度活動「你投票了沒!」公布幸運得主

親愛的TPS Facebook粉絲與電子報的訂閱讀者,您們好:

TPS年度最佳專欄/競賽 —「你投票了沒!」已順利圓滿結束,感謝各位粉絲熱情分享。「你投票了沒!」活動,是請所有喜愛TPS、熱愛英文的朋友與粉絲們,在過去2012這一年裡TPS所刊登的英文競賽與學術專欄中,選出最喜歡的前二項並寫上簡單的理由/建議,再從參加者中隨機抽出兩名幸運兒,贈送統一超商購物禮券,價值新台幣三百元。TPS團隊已於2013年1月4日抽出幸運得主,在此特別感謝賴O薇小姐與陳O吟小姐為抽獎過程進行公平見證。以下公布得獎者名單,我們將於5個工作天內寄出獎品。我們亦從所有粉絲們寫的理由/建議中挑選出精選填答,您心中的想法將是未來TPS進行競賽/專欄的方向與重要依據。再次感謝粉絲們踴躍參加!



One Word Away From Confusion Contest你能找出混淆字嗎?
1. 混淆字在文章內很需要被注意,我之前也有把BOILED跟SPOILED搞混過,那時候也是讓老師困惑好久,所以我很喜歡這個競賽,他讓我知道很多混淆字/努力找出混淆字真的滿有趣的!
2. 有趣,增加知識,又能拿獎品!
3. 會自己試試看能否找出混淆字。
4. I like this contest because it helps me to note the commonly mistakes learners may make when choosing appropriate words.A slight different of spelling may change the meaning of the sentence in an opposite way.
5. 有趣味性。
Finish the Sentence Contest你是接龍的高手嗎?
1. This challenge attempts to familiarize ourselves with the accuracy of prepositions and organize our thoughts in speaking and writing. Love it^^
2. 接龍也是非常有趣的單元。
Verbalize Contest你能找出關鍵的動詞嗎?
1. 可訓練自己掌握句子的核心語意。
2. 在學習英文上,一直覺得動詞是英文中最難掌握的,有些單字可能同時有動詞和名詞的解釋,透過這個活動,可以增進對動詞掌握的靈敏度。
3. This contest inspires learners to explore appropriate verbs, which fosters them to use their creativity while learning English.
4. Although this is a difficult contest, I find it challening and helpful to learn more verbs as choosing a good verb can polish the sentence and make it appear in a vivid way.
Punctuation Mastery Contest你是善用標點符號的高手嗎?
1. 英文標點符號真的很重要,就連我幾個朋友都說他們不太會用;有一個這個專欄來討論標點符號真的滿好的,也釐清很多觀念!
2. As some learners tend to ignore the importance of punctuation while composing sentences, this contest helps learners to pay attention to subtle errors that learners may make.
1. 避免犯錯!
2. 很實用,幫助自己從事論文創作。
3. 值得參考。
1. 有個幫助寫作依據。
2. 對正在寫論文的我非常實用!
3. 因為本身有寫論文,所以針對貴單位提供相當多有用的建議及方法,對自己有實質的效益。
What does that mean? 你真的瞭解這個慣用語嗎? 寫得很清楚一目了然。
This is not academic writing 學術文章不是這麼寫的 The publication of the academic journal could be a task of precision and accuracy in wordings. This column indeed clarified our confusions in academic writing structures and assists us as graduate students on the right track of preparation for the thesis. It serves as a reminder of S-V-O parallelism and the transitional words which could lead your work to a diaster. I do benefit great from this forum.


TPS Team

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0107 TPS Finish the Sentence Contest-Answer and Explanation你是接龍的高手嗎? 正確解答!

Answer: We believe the sentence is best completed this way:

“When the theater began to shake, startled students looked up from their scripts and bounced to their feet like jerked marionettes.”

Nothing causes a sudden shift in emotions and activity like an earthquake. When a person standing on the ground or—on a floor that previously exhibited rock-solid characteristics— suddenly senses movement under his feet, reaction is usually swift, if shaky. In this sentence, when a tremor struck the theater, the students immediately “bounced” up as if jerked skyward by a puppeteer. By comparing the students’ abrupt movement to that of a marionette on a string, the writer not only conveys the suddenness of the scramble but ties it in with the students being in a theater, where puppetry often is staged. Descriptions that honor an entire sentence satisfy.

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0107 TPS Finish the Sentence Contest-Win Your NTD200 Eslite Bookstore and Shopping Mall Gift Certificate! 你是接龍的高手嗎? 有機會獲得200元誠品圖書商場購物禮卷!

怎麼寫出好句子沒有標準答案,不過起碼我們知道,優秀的句子每個環節都很完美。下面有一句未完成的句子,請用五個字以內完成句子接龍,寫出完整的句子。最先完成句子,並寫出最佳解答的一位TPS 粉絲,將獲得兩百元誠品圖書商場購物禮卷;另增設特別獎一名,頒給符合文意又別具創意的粉絲。接龍解答與獲獎粉絲姓名將在明天公布於本 TPS 專頁,敬請密切鎖定、先睹為快!
No formula exists for the writing of a superior sentence, but this much is known: The best sentence has no weak part. The following sentence is incomplete. In five or fewer words, complete the sentence in a way that strengthens the whole of it. The first TPS Fan to complete the sentence as we believe it is best completed will win a NTD200 Eslite Bookstore and Shopping Mall Gift Certificate. Another Eslite certificate will be awarded to the first Fan to complete it in an alternate way that, in our estimation, also is effective. The explanation and the names of the winners will be published tomorrow on this TPS Fans page.

題目Contest Sentence:

“When the theater began to shake, startled students looked up from their scripts and bounced to their feet like ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.”

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This is not academic writing 學術文章不是這麼寫的

Not all articles written on academic topics are written in proper academic English. This column examines short excerpts from academic texts to illustrate common writing errors and to explain how to correct them.

Unacceptable 不被認可的文章

“Researchers found the stillness of the forest disconcerting. Typically buzzing with sounds, the vast forest seemed deathly silent. Nothing tweeted or even hooted. Nothing rustled anywhere or creaked. Where scampering squirrels once chatted, leafless tree branches now poked out at all angles into the April air like skeletal skyscrapers. The research team set up its equipment in an area without trees. Teams of bird and insect specialists surveyed the property and began to methodically investigate the natural disaster. They worked with the silent dedication of true scientists determined to show the world how the enormous power of nature can destroy.”

This introductory paragraph about a scientific field trip tries to establish a setting in introducing readers to the examination of a natural disaster. Unfortunately, it does so in language that interferes with the mood setting. The first sentence is too passive. The second sentence talks about the absence of “buzzing” forest sounds, then goes on to enumerate sounds that don’t buzz at all. Imagined squirrels “chat” instead of chatter. Wordiness permeates the paragraph, with leafless branches unnecessarily identified as “tree” branches, for example. Scientific specialties are not properly identified. And what is a “true” scientist? The writing is weakened by such sloppiness.

Acceptable 認可的文章

“Researchers were disconcerted by the stillness of the forest. Normally resplendent with sound, the vast acreage of trees seemed a cocoon of quietness. Nothing buzzed or twirped or hooted. Nothing rustled or creaked. Where red squirrels once chattered, leafless branches now poked disconsolately into the April air like unfinished skyscrapers. The research team set up its equipment in a clearing. Teams of ornithologists and entomologists platted the property and began to methodically chronicle the depth of the natural disaster. They worked with the hushed resolve of scientists determined to bear witness to the destructive power of nature.”

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6 Essential Rules for Persuasive Writing # 6 – Finish with energy 發揮寫作說服力的六大準則之六:持續不懈地支持論點

不管是自己選擇或教授指定,若要寫作論說式學術文章,必須先做好心理準備。你必須說明個人意見,選定觀點也很重要,結構與表達尤其攸關文章成敗。本專欄介紹六大關鍵準則,讓你寫作時發揮說服力,每項準則都會刊登在 TPS 粉絲專頁,並在最後集結於 TPS 學術電子報。
Whether by choice or assignment, when an argumentative academic paper is the task at hand, the writer must approach it with an appropriate mindset. Subjective values come into play. Point of view becomes important. Organization and presentation become even more critical to success. The elements of successful persuasive writing are explained in this series, “6 Essential Rules for Persuasive Writing.” Each of the rules will be presented on the TPS Fan page before being compiled.

Rule # 6 – Finish with energy

Argumentative writing is, almost by definition, energetic. More so than some academic papers, it is not in tone or substance a laid-back exercise in writing. While presentation of the subject must be logical and methodical and be constrained by the rules of academic discourse, the writing nevertheless must have an underlying intensity to it. After all, the object is to persuade someone to embrace a conclusion advanced by the writer and this cannot be done without expending effort.
撰寫論說文(argumntative writing) 就如字面上的意思,必須夠力(energetic)。和一些學術論文不同的是,論說文在語氣或實質上都不是隨性的寫作。雖然介紹主題必須合乎邏輯、有條理並嚴守規則,但寫作內容仍須具備內在強度。畢竟文章的目標是說服讀者接受作者提出的論點,而這並非輕易就能做到的。

So it is important to stay resolutely on point with an argument and to not exhaust support for the argument before the paper’s end. A race horse can run a magnificent race and be far ahead in the final turn and still lose the race because of poor pacing. Similarly, an argumentative paper must still be strong in substance and surprising in presentation right up through its conclusive paragraphs. Having the last word in an “argument” requires planning and intellectual stamina.

“Energy” is an elusive quality in a persuasive paper. It has nothing to do with the number of words used in the paper, nor to the brashness of a viewpoint. Rather, an energetic argumentative paper is a focused one. It is unremitting in making the case for a point of view. It is not marred by tangential, distracting passages. It is lean and purposeful. While it is courteous in its language, it is makes no attempt to disguise its rejection of opposing views. And it is that way clear to the end.

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New Year’s Blessing

Dear Fans,

The last day of 2012 is nearly upon us and with it the end of the year’s potential for you. We hope you were fulfilled professionally and personally during the course of the year.

And we hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend, Dec. 29 through Jan. 1. We will take a break as well and look forward to being here for you again as 2013 gets underway in earnest. Happy New Year!

TPS Team

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TPS年度最佳專欄/競賽 —「你投票了沒!」圓滿結束

親愛的TPS Facebook粉絲與電子報的訂閱讀者,您們好:

TPS年度最佳專欄/競賽 —「你投票了沒!」已順利圓滿結束,感謝各位粉絲熱情參與,能感受到您們對英文的喜愛與付出,而我們也會繼續分享實用且有趣的專欄內容,期許未來有更多的好朋友一起加入這個英文學習樂園!本活動將於2013年1月4日抽獎,1月8日於TPS Facebook官網公佈幸運得主。祝您幸運中獎!

Dear TPS Facebook Fans and E-paper Readers,

The deadline for voting for your favorite TPS Facebook column has passed. We thank everyone who took time to participate and we enjoyed reading all your comments and ideas. We will be drawing for our lucky winners on January 4, 2013, with names posted on our Facebook page on January 8. So stay tuned and see if your 2013 gets off to a lucky start!


TPS Team

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