6 Essential Rules for Persuasive Writing # 6 – Finish with energy 發揮寫作說服力的六大準則之六:持續不懈地支持論點

不管是自己選擇或教授指定,若要寫作論說式學術文章,必須先做好心理準備。你必須說明個人意見,選定觀點也很重要,結構與表達尤其攸關文章成敗。本專欄介紹六大關鍵準則,讓你寫作時發揮說服力,每項準則都會刊登在 TPS 粉絲專頁,並在最後集結於 TPS 學術電子報。
Whether by choice or assignment, when an argumentative academic paper is the task at hand, the writer must approach it with an appropriate mindset. Subjective values come into play. Point of view becomes important. Organization and presentation become even more critical to success. The elements of successful persuasive writing are explained in this series, “6 Essential Rules for Persuasive Writing.” Each of the rules will be presented on the TPS Fan page before being compiled.

Rule # 6 – Finish with energy

Argumentative writing is, almost by definition, energetic. More so than some academic papers, it is not in tone or substance a laid-back exercise in writing. While presentation of the subject must be logical and methodical and be constrained by the rules of academic discourse, the writing nevertheless must have an underlying intensity to it. After all, the object is to persuade someone to embrace a conclusion advanced by the writer and this cannot be done without expending effort.
撰寫論說文(argumntative writing) 就如字面上的意思,必須夠力(energetic)。和一些學術論文不同的是,論說文在語氣或實質上都不是隨性的寫作。雖然介紹主題必須合乎邏輯、有條理並嚴守規則,但寫作內容仍須具備內在強度。畢竟文章的目標是說服讀者接受作者提出的論點,而這並非輕易就能做到的。

So it is important to stay resolutely on point with an argument and to not exhaust support for the argument before the paper’s end. A race horse can run a magnificent race and be far ahead in the final turn and still lose the race because of poor pacing. Similarly, an argumentative paper must still be strong in substance and surprising in presentation right up through its conclusive paragraphs. Having the last word in an “argument” requires planning and intellectual stamina.

“Energy” is an elusive quality in a persuasive paper. It has nothing to do with the number of words used in the paper, nor to the brashness of a viewpoint. Rather, an energetic argumentative paper is a focused one. It is unremitting in making the case for a point of view. It is not marred by tangential, distracting passages. It is lean and purposeful. While it is courteous in its language, it is makes no attempt to disguise its rejection of opposing views. And it is that way clear to the end.


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