6 Tips in Preparing to Write Your Dissertation Tip 1: Commit to finishing what you start 論文撰寫六大準備技巧一:下定決心,有始有終

The final step in earning many master and doctorate degrees is completion of a thesis or dissertation. The process involved typically is lengthy and exacting. Following is one of 6 recommendations to help you get started on your dissertation in such a way that you can successfully complete it. Each tip in the series will appear on the TPS Fans page.

Tip # 1 – Commit to finishing what you start

Congratulations on pursuing an advanced degree. The question is, do you really intend to capture it? The pinnacle of the graduate degree process is completion of a dissertation or thesis. Every year, candidates for a degree stop their climb just short of the pinnacle. They become one of the many ABD (All But Dissertation) ex-students whose post-graduate education, while enhancing their lives, failed to produce a credential of value in the workplace. Employers generally are not impressed by applicants who almost earned a graduate degree.
能追求更高深的學位是件好事,問題是,你真的想獲得學位嗎?研讀碩博士學問的最高原則是完成碩博士論文。每年許多碩博士候選人只差一步就能抵達終點,卻無法堅持下去,成為「萬事俱備,只欠論文」 (ABD, All But Dissertation) 的肄業生。研究的所學所聞雖然提升了生活,卻因為沒有證書,無法為職場加分-雇主通常不會太看重「差一點」拿到學位的求職者。

If you have navigated the post-graduate process to this point, resolve to finish the course. A dissertation can take anywhere from a year to several years, depending upon how it fits in a program’s structure and the circumstances of a student’s life. A completed document can run anywhere from 15,000 to 150,000 words, a longer paper than most students have previously undertaken. It follows that completing a dissertation is a daunting prospect for almost any student, regardless of how much a degree is coveted.

So it is important for any post-graduate degree candidate to understand the purpose and function of a dissertation: It is a tool to define you as a scholar. Because most research and writing for a dissertation occurs without close faculty scrutiny, a candidate must work alone. Must correctly evaluate and filter research material. Must plan and execute interim and final steps. Must recognize effective writing and rigorously self-edit. Must stay on schedule. As you begin your dissertation, now is the time to resolve to grow as a scholar and a person by finishing the task.

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