0128 TPS Verbalize Contest-Answer and Explanation你能找出關鍵的動詞嗎? 正確解答!

Suggested answer: “His son, tall and bulky, reminded him of a walrus, swaying through the crowd like a ponderous and graceful pendulum.”

Something “tall and bulky” doesn’t always bring to mind the adjective “graceful.” Yet the biggest animals on the planet, such as elephants and whales, move through their respective realms with amazing grace. The father watching his larger son move was taken by the slippery way his son made his way through oncoming walkers. In fact, “slipping” would not be a bad choice of verb. Yet “swaying” captures both the idea of unimpeded movement and the sideways motion of a blubbery animal undulating along, lifting and dropping its massive shoulders and dragging itself forward. Other possible “s” words in this situation are shifting and swerving.


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