1224 TPS Verbalize Contest-Answer and Explanation你能找出關鍵的動詞嗎? 正確解答!

Suggested answer: “The gasoline engine rumbled and shook as the spark plugs explosively awakened the machine for another work day.”

The sentence speaks of a machine that is at rest and then abruptly running on all its cylinders. The transition was sudden, touched off by spark plugs that caused fuel to burn in a burst of energy. So what happened here? The machine was “awakened” from stillness. It was a violent awakening and only the integrity of the machined parts kept it from flying apart. “Awakened” would not be a good choice of words in this case were it not paired with the adverb “explosively.” Together the words paint a picture of a machine, as if it were a person, shoved violently from slumber to frantic activity. Other “a” words that could be used include activated, actuated, perhaps accelerated, yet none of those create the interesting image of harshly interrupted sleep.


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