1119 TPS Punctuation Mastery Contest-Answer and Explanation你是善用標點符號的高手嗎? 正確解答!

Corrected sentence:

“What kind of a smart-aleck answer is that?” the annoyed classroom teacher asked the boy, then sat at his desk, and waited for a response. The room grew warm; the boy’s forehead glistened.

These three sentences contain six punctuation errors. The first one is a missing hyphen on the adjective form of smart aleck. The second error replaces the comma after “that” with a question mark. Another comma is needed after “boy,” and again after “desk,” because those phrases are part of a sequence—“asked,” “sat,” and “waited.” The question mark after “response” should be a period, the question mark having been properly placed at the end of the quote actually containing the question. Finally, a semi-colon is needed after “warm.” The need for the semi-colon is signaled by the lower-case “the” beginning the last sentence. Logic helps clean up work like this. For example, the impulse to form this sentence, “the boy then sat at his desk…,” clearly is wrong because “the” is not capitalized. Therefore, it can’t be a sentence-starter.
這三個句子共有六個標點符號錯誤。第一個錯誤是作形容詞用的smart aleck(自作聰明的)中間應該加上連字號;第二個錯誤則是在「that」後面應以問號取代逗點。在「boy」和「desk」後面也應該加上逗點,因為這些辭彙組成「asked」、「sat」、和「waited」這一連串的動作。文中的引用句實際上是個問句,句尾應改成問號,而「response」後面應該改為句點。最後,因為最後一句話的開頭為小寫的「the」,所以在「warm」後面應該加上分號。邏輯思考能幫助避免類似錯誤。譬如,「the boy then sat at his desk…..」這句的「the」是小寫,無法作為一個句子的開頭,所以顯然不能自成一個句子。


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