1008 TPS Finish the Sentence Contest-Answer and Explanation你是接龍的高手嗎? 正確解答!

Answer: We believe the sentence is best completed this way:

“Standing at the museum’s front door, the curator vacillated between grandfatherly delight and juvenile dread as he watched the couple approach with 8 jumping, laughing, shoving children.”

Museums are not playgrounds, unless they are hands-on science centers for children. It follows that childish behavior is not perfectly conducive to the contemplative enjoyment of a museum. In the sentence, the museum official was both pleased and dismayed that the careful environment of the institution was about to be invaded. The writer employed terms of age in describing the opposite emotions coursing through the official. The official’s “delight” at the sight of young visitors was described as “grandfatherly,” whereas his “dread” was described as “juvenile.” The latter adjective has double meaning: Juvenile can refer both to the young age of the children and to the official’s psychological immaturity in believing the happy, youthful crowd spells disaster.


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