12/27 TPS Spot the Error Contest-Answer and Explanation 你是挑錯的高手嗎? 正確解答

Answer: “amount” should be “number.”

The 'number' of historians who write at length about the cruelty of Chinggis Khaan is large compared to those who dwell on Khan’s religious tolerance.

Error: The sentence contained only one true error. The writer misused the indefinite pronoun 'amount', which is reserved for describing a portion of a whole, such as amount of rain that fell, amount of money in the bank. The correct choice—number—is used when individual units are being counted, such as number of people in the car, number of coins in the purse. This writing mistake is No. 1 of 10 Common Writing Errors That Can Spell “Rejection” for Your Manuscript, which are posted elsewhere on The Published Scholar site.
錯誤之處:這句話僅有一個主要的錯誤。作者錯誤使用不可數代名詞amount,它是用來描述某數量的一部分,如降落的雨,銀行裡的錢等等。正確的是number,用在可數的個別單位,如車裡的人,皮包裡的錢幣等等。這樣的寫作錯誤可參照本專頁所張貼之「10 個導致退稿的常見寫作錯誤之一:“Know Your Numbers”」。

Some interesting corrections were suggested for this sentence. Unfortunately, the suggestions either muddied the sentence or rendered it a non-sentence. However, several respondents correctly noted that Khaan was spelled two ways (also Khan). While we should have been more careful not to use two spelling variations, neither spelling actually is incorrect, depending upon the cited source.

The winners of this week's prize are Evan Tsai, Welson Xiong, and Pin-Jen Chen.
Thanks for everyone's participation in this week's Spot the Error Contest, it's been fun!

這次獲獎的的粉絲為Evan Tsai, Welson Xiong, and Pin-Jen Chen。

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