Welcome back! 歡迎TPS粉絲回來!

Dear TPS Fans,

Welcome back from the break and welcome to a new year! We are reinvigorated and ready to continue our mutual learning experience here on The Published Scholar Facebook Fans page. Look for more of the good stuff here… beginning tomorrow.

TPS Staff

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Chinese New Year hoildays notice 給TPS粉絲的假期通知!

Dear TPS Fans,

We will take a long (and we like to think, deserved) break this month, January 21-29. Like you, we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year holiday. Look for us back on January 30 in the Year of the Dragon, when we will rejoin you in pursuit of language success. See you then!

TPS Staff

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2012年TPS 新學術專欄「7 Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism避免抄襲的七大方法」

親愛的TPS Facebook粉絲與電子報的訂閱讀者,您們好:

錯過「你按讚了沒!」活動嗎?想要重新發現學習英文的樂趣與增加知識嗎?Better late than never!

經過許多粉絲與參加朋友的踴躍投票,「你按讚了沒!」活動挑選出2011年最受喜愛的前三項專欄/競賽,分別是:「Spot the Error Contest你是挑錯的高手嗎?」、「What does that mean? 你真的瞭解這個慣用語嗎?」與論文學術專欄「12 Recommendations to Help you Submit a Conventional and Acceptable Paper 12個獲得學術認可的論文撰寫技巧」。其中的論文學術專欄更是粉絲們撰寫時的小幫手!

新的一年,也想讓您的論文有新氣象嗎?敬請鎖定TPS推出的新學術專欄「7 Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism避免抄襲的七大方法」,讓您撰寫論文更能得心應手!


TPS Team

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TPS 年度活動「你按讚了沒!」公布幸運得主

Dear TPS Fans,


第一名:1. Spot the Error Contest 你是挑錯的高手嗎?
幸運得主:蔡政達、Hui-Ling Wu
(1) 藉此提醒自己在寫作上哪些地方要避免出錯
(2) helped to pay attentions to words which caused confusion easily
(3) helped me to understand the consequences of making mistakes in writing
(4) really makes us think about the little mistakes that can make a difference when writing professionally
(5) 很有趣,非常富有挑戰性
(6) 可以訓練自己的觀察力

第二名:6. What does that mean? 你真的瞭解這個慣用語嗎?
幸運得主:徐翠雲、Anna Hsiao
(1) 畢竟不是在英語環境中,所以不瞭解慣用語.
(2) 可以用在生活上
(3) 幫助自己了解慣用語該如何使用
(4) 知道慣用語的由來,學起來更能得心應手
(5) 在國外生活有幫助

第三名:8. 學術論文專欄-12個獲得學術認可的論文撰寫技巧
(1) 正確書寫的原則與優勢
(2) 對於寫論文被接受的可能性非常有幫助
(3) 對大學生有幫助


再次感謝大家的參與,敬祝大家 新年快樂、順心如意。

TPS Team

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New Year’s Blessing

Dear TPS Fans,

Don’t look now, but the end of 2011 is nearly here. We hope whatever you hoped to accomplish this year is now a matter of record. We offer our very best wishes for your academic and personal ventures in the new year.

Enjoy the holiday fun tonight and tomorrow, and we’ll see you next year—next week!

TPS Staff

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每天上Facebook總是忍不住按「讚」嗎?對於我們的專欄「讚」不釋手嗎?好消息!各位粉絲以及所有參加活動的朋友,只要從TPS過去這一年裡所刊登的英文競賽與學術專欄中,選出最喜歡的前三項並寫上理由,我們將從勾選最多、最受大家喜愛的前三個項目中,各隨機抽出兩名幸運兒,贈送誠品書店/誠品商場購物禮券,價值新台幣三百元!讓您沈浸於書香氣息之餘,亦可與三五好友一同購物與享受美食。歡迎TPS粉絲與所有參加的朋友踴躍說出心中的想法!請點入活動網頁,立即參加活動: http://www.publishedscholar.com/survey/survey.signup.php?survey_sn=14

1. 活動期間:即日起至12月31日止。
2. 本活動將於2012年1月5日抽獎,1月6日於TPS Facebook官網公佈幸運得主。
3. 本活動將以完成三項勾選並各寫上理由的參加者視為有效填答,即可參加抽獎。
4. 若參加者勾選超過三項,將按照所選項目之順序選擇前三項進行結果統計。例如若是勾選的是2,4,5及7,我們將以2,4,5三項進行統計。
5. 您的個人資訊僅供寄送獎品使用,絕不對外公開,敬請您放心。

Frequent user of Facebook? A big fan of TPS columns? We have some good news for you! If you have participated in any of our previous contests, or if you are simply a fan of TPS, we are now offering a chance to win a 300 NTD gift certificate to Eslite Books. Interested? Read on! From a list of eleven contests or academic columns TPS has posted over the past year, simply choose your favorite three and attach a short explanation of why the particular column or contest made it into your top three. Once all the results are in, we will tally the answers to see which three contests or columns received the most votes. From each of these columns, we will then randomly pick two lucky winners to receive an Eslite gift certificate, which can be used at any Eslite bookstore or Eslite affiliated department store or restaurant. So don't be shy and let us know how you feel about your favorite TPS activities of 2011. Click on the link below to start voting today! http://www.publishedscholar.com/survey/survey.signup.php?survey_sn=14

1.Event starts immediately. Deadline for all entries is December 31, 2011 at 11:59PM.
2.The drawing for the gift certificates will be held on January 5; winners will be announced on the TPS Facebook page the following day.
3.Entries which have not submitted three choices with reasons for their choice will not be eligible for the drawing.
4.For those who have submitted more than three choices, we will use only three of your choices for the drawing starting with the lowest numerical choice (e.g. If you picked 2,4,5, and 7, we will only use 2,4, and 5 for the drawing).
5. Any contact information you give us with only be used to send the certificate.

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Greetings! 歡迎TPS粉絲回來!

Dear Fans,

Are you enjoying the short holiday from researching and writing? We hope you are being recharged. We are. Look here tomorrow for more guidance on picking the topic of a research paper.
See you then!

TPS Team

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Double 10 Holiday Notice 給TPS粉絲的假期通知!

Dear Fans,

We are going to take a short break from the TPS Fan Page on Double Ten Day next Monday and do our part to celebrate an important moment in our common history. We’ll be back October 11 with another feature on research and writing. See you then!

TPS Team

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Vacation Notice for Mid-Autumn Festival! 給TPS粉絲的假期通知!

Dear Fans,

We are going to take a short break Monday, Sept. 12, to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival. This means you also will get a short break from TPS Fan Page activities. We both have worked hard, so we deserve it!
We’ll be back Tuesday, Sept. 13 with some more ideas to help you succeed as an academic writer. See you then!

TPS Team

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TPS 暑期英文潤稿優惠服務與免費贈書活動:想讓你的英文論文登上國際期刊嗎?








TPS推出英文專業潤稿暑期優惠服務,並且開放免費致贈TPS總監親自編撰的「10 個導致退稿的常見寫作錯誤 10 Common Writing Errors that Can Spell “Rejection” for Your Manuscript」書冊,相信目前已有許多位粉絲獲得贈書、收穫滿滿。這一波的贈書活動,自即日起715,只要點選「免費索取學術知識書冊」並填寫寄送資訊,就能獲得精心編著的實用寫作技巧書冊,僅限量150,請把握機會!



TPS Team

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