Professor Pedantic 教授的考究學問
The professor awaits your query on academic writing, though in all honesty, he doesn’t have a lot of time for you. He is a tenured full professor and working on yet another magnificent academic tome. Even so, he has graciously consented to entertain your question. Submit it and prepare to be edified.

QUESTION: I write pretty good papers… sometimes. Other times, I hand in plodding, dull papers that embarrass me, papers that I wouldn’t hand in at all were a deadline not upon me. Any ideas on how I can do my best writing all the time?

If you happen upon an answer to your question, patent it (and legally defend your patent); you will make a fortune. That’s because consistent excellence in writing of any kind is among the holiest of grails. So I commend you for your quest; critically examining your work is a very good first step in realizing it. As a rule, self-examination is better than being guided too much by the opinions of others, because acceptance and excellence are not always the same. The goal for an academic scholar is acceptance and excellence.
關於這個問題,如果你找到答案,別忘了申請專利並用法律保護它,你會大賺一筆。不管何種寫作,能持續寫出出色的作品就像找到最神聖的聖盃,你的追尋值得表 揚,而追尋的第一步就是認真檢視自己的作品。比起過度遵循他人意見,立下規矩自我檢查更重要,因為能被接受的文章與傑出的文章不同。學術寫作不僅要寫出讓 人接受的文章,還要精益求精。

Guidelines to help a writer consistently submit superior academic papers start with a writer wanting to maintain a high personal standard. Human nature seems to be for us to coast on success rather than to work to sustain its momentum. Don’t expect less of a paper than that it contain indisputable logic, fluid organization, substantial content, and conspicuously good word choices. Those are the markers of excellence. Settling for less than that means settling for a mediocre paper. It really is that simple.

But here is the rest of the story: Writers are individuals with unique cycles of creativity and peculiar work habits. Motivation, inspiration, and creation come together in many different combinations. If you think and write best in the morning—or sitting by the ocean—that is when or where you need to write. Don’t try to fool your muse. Also, write when you are rested; dozing is for dreaming, not thinking. Write when your biorhythms and externals come together for you. Know yourself and how you best write.

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